Vegans and Mounds

by Zen Poets

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Mounds are furry creatures rooted in the ground, ideally surrounded by a forest to help protect them from Vegans. Mounds communicate through colors.

The Vegans do not see colors. Vegans, bony and colorblind, numb to the beauty of color in the world, are a satirical character woven into Trenton’s art. They have been banished from residing above ground and are bitter about it. Vegans congregate in places such as the sewer and eat only tofu.

I. Rejoicing of the Mounds and Vegans symbolizes the beauty of hope, and suggests optimism for a peaceful co-existence of the Mounds and Vegans. A forward-thinking Vegan presents itself and influences other Vegans to not harm the Mounds. He researches divergently and realizes there is much beauty to be seen in the realm of the Mounds. The Vegans take hits of ‘mound meat’ and experience the beauty of color. They do not destroy the Mounds but live harmoniously alongside them for quite some time.

II. Fallen Mounds is quasi-funeral music for the injured and killed Mounds, due to the Attack of the Vegans.

III. In a Beautiful Parallel Universe the Vegans are constantly trying to get above ground and menace the Mounds, stealing their 'mound meat' and often causing their death. You will hear this happening explicitly in a reoccurring theme: the melody line is the Vegans clawing their way up through the earth, who come to take unwarranted revenge on the Mounds. As the Vegans break above ground they begin to attack the Mounds with sharpened tree branches and steal their mound meat. Because the Mounds are rooted in the ground, they can not flee or fight back. They cry out in anguish and despair.

Based on the words and visual artwork of Trenton Doyle Hancock.


released June 1, 2014

Annalise Stalls, tenor and alto saxophones
Antonio Truyols, piano
Clark Singleton, electric and upright bass
Daniel Faust, drums

recorded by Lynn Grissett
June 2012



all rights reserved


Zen Poets Durham, North Carolina

A North Carolina grown assemblage of fiery young jazz musicians led by saxophonist and composer, Annalise Stalls. Look out for the upcoming album #MusicforMounds !

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